Why choose online bets over offline bets? This is a question that many bettors ask themselves, or rather they should ask themselves. singapore online betting The reality is that many still prefer street betting because they never thought about how much they actually lose by playing this way. But if you balance the two ways to play, there are reasons to choose sports bettingon the internet, the advantages are quite many. 711 online casino Malaysia

Why play online bets

Convenience and accessibility

Image result for Online BettingDidn’t you get bored of making 3-4 trips a day to the agency on the corner? Online you will be able to bet from home, in front of the computer, while watching your favorite team playing. What if you’re not home? However, you live in a period in which, according to studies, 90% of Romanians own a Smartphone, compared to 4 years ago when their number was only 25%. So the possibility to bet using a mobile phone is now available to anyone.

The fees charged are much lower

For each ticket placed a neighbourhood agency stops the 5% fee. Also any gain is taxed at 1%. Opening an online account, deposits, withdrawals and placing bets are completely free (it is true that some agencies charge withdrawal fees, plus you can pay fees to third parties such as banks or e-wallets). The only constant fee you have to pay when you play on the internet is 1% of any winnings. But even so, the differences are large, and in Chapter 3. There is a case study that shows exactly how long these differences feel.

Better odds online

There will be situations when you will find better odds at street agencies, but overall the online odds seem to be at least at the same level. However, if you take into account those fees when calculating the gain of a ticket, the situation becomes a bit clearer.

Live betting service

This is one of the most important facilities offered by online agencies. Maybe you want to see how a match starts and how both teams play before choosing a prediction. Online, from a maximum of 2-3 clicks, you can bet at any time, regardless of the minute the game is. Many options such as handicaps on corners and cards or the next goal are at your disposal. Many bettors prefer to play only online, because they find it easier to make money from this type of betting. It is certainly easier to roll large sums of money, which means that a profit of a few percent will feel faster.

Image result for Online BettingLive broadcast service

There are several online agencies where there is an access to streams from many sports, starting with football and continuing with basketball, tennis, hockey, table tennis, badminton or snooker. This way you can watch a lot of games that are not shown on TV and that are not found on other sites. You can watch these games from the same window you will be betting from. Offline agencies only broadcast games that can be seen on TV, so no comparison can be made in this regard. In the case of the listed agencies, all the streams available on your PC can also be watched on your phone or tablet, wherever you are.


Some online sports betting agencies offer welcome bonuses with a value between 50-100% of the value of the first deposit. Some also come with bonuses for bets placed on your mobile phone or come with various promotions along the way. The only bonus you can take advantage of offline is the one dedicated to multiple tickets, some agencies also offer a 100% bonus for tickets that have a minimum of 14-20 selections.

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